Buyers on the Fence

A fellow agent called me today to vent regarding a client that she has.  In my office, there are a few agents that are collaborative in how we work and try to better ourselves without the fear of giving away trade secrets. We believe in bettering each other by talking it out. Anyways, she told me that she was having issues advising her client on buying a house. The client was a young girl who lived with her parents and wanted to get a home of her own. First time home buyers need extra guidance. 93% of buyers use an agent because they don’t understand the process. The agent found a home for her client that may interest her. They walked the home and she in fact did like it. The only issue she said she had been the windows were older. They were operational but old. She called me to get advice on how to convince her.  She told me that the home was priced the way it was because the sellers knew that they would have to do some improvements. So I asked her some questions to better understand her client. I asked her that when she sat down with her client for the initial buyer presentation, what was the ideal outcome for today’s meeting? What was most important to her throughout this process? What were her must haves? has she been pre-qualified? As I continued to ask the agent, she stopped me and told me that she never got the chance to really sit down with her. She told that “she wasn’t down for that”. She told me that they looked at many houses and every one just didn’t hit the mark. The agent felt like she was spinning her wheels and don’t know if she would every find her the right house. It all started to make sense. You see, when you don’t take the time to invest in your client or they don’t take the time to invest in you, you will never hit the mark. First,the agent never qualified the client in her buying power. Second, she never sat down with her to explain how she works and how the process will go. Third, she never sat down to see whats most important to her. There was never an expectation conversation.  You will never find what a client wants unless you ask them and find out why its important to them. The other thing was that her father came with her on every showing. I ask the agent if she had ever asked the father those same questions? She said no. See, another question I ask is a our initial meeting is “who else will be part of the decision-making process?” This is important for a lot of reasons because most first time home buyers rely on their parents for approval of a house. It’s very important to them. Even though you think that your primarily working for the daughter, you are working for the best interests of the client. Its your fiduciary responsibility to be obedient to their needs, loyal to them and only them, disclose anything, confidentiality, accounting, and reasonable care. Invest the time with them at the onset to better understand what obstacles you are going to deal with and if your clients wont commit to investing time with you then they were never clients to begin with.


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