Collaboration is Real Estates Dirty Little Secret

When you think of collaboration in a real estate, what comes to mind? Do you think of agents in a conference room exchanging best practices to better themselves? The concept sounds like a great one. Unfortunately that’s usually not the case. Agents giving other agents advice may sound good at first but get too productive and there’s conflict. Face it, agents usually have the mindset that giving away trade secrets is like giving away business. Thinking that someone else may use that skill to get more clients is a attack on our business. If we could only think a little different. Agents are independent contractors who work for a broker. Sure there are rules that you have to abide by but ultimately it’s up to you to drum up business. I center my business around working by referral. My contacts in my daily life and sphere of influence dictate how I can generate business. If I can leverage my sphere to reach out to those who need the services of a licenced professional I should have a fruitful business. If agents would share their best practices for the greater good, they would be rewarded for their efforts. if done in a collaborative setting, may learn a thing or two as well. I do not feel threatened my other agents. I try to learn what to do and not to do by their actions. Always evolving my skill set to meet the needs of my clients. I was told that there are many ways to reach the finish line, how you get there is really up to you. Do what morally,ethical and legally correct is what matters at the end of the day. If we could realize that when we work a deal that we are ultimately working to achieve the same goal. Sure we are agents of our clients and working in their best interests but if we can come up with solutions that will work for both and still have their best interests at hand. Wouldn’t we be achieving that?


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