The Cost of Procrastination

Around this time of the year, consumers often think it’s a good time to “wait till the spring” to list their home or buy a home. I guess I can understand. People who list their homes don’t want potential buyers sloshing about their home and getting it dirty. The door constantly being opened in the harsh cold. They also have other things to deal with like holidays and family gatherings. Being ready at the drop of a hat is stressful. Consider this if you will. If you were to list your home now, your home would have less competition, and buyers would primarily be serious. Just asking people to take off their shoes and having a few extra rugs in the hallway would eliminate a mess. Now consider the “cost of procrastination”  If interest rates continue to go up, The same house you are looking to buy at 4% you may not be able to buy at 5%.  Dont wait until tomorrow with what you can do today. At least sit down with a licensed Real Estate Salesperson and see what your options are.  You will be glad you did.  Knowing where you stand empowers you to make  good decisions.


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