How do you Work?

In real estate, working 9-5 is never really the case. When potential clients need your services, you are pretty much on call. The majority of agents I know, drop everything and run out to see show a home. They don’t “qualify” the potential client or ask any pertinent questions regarding their wants and needs. They sometimes don’t even get a name, address or  phone number. They just run out the door. Why do you ask? I feel it’s because they are afraid that if they ask questions while on the phone, the potential client may get annoyed and hang up to find another agent. Now I have said “potential” clients. They have not signed or committed to anything. They just want to go see a house.  This problem plagues us in our profession. Fear of losing what they never had. You see, as a professional, its your fiduciary responsibility to make sure that you are vetting your clients as well as the potential client vetting you. Making sure that you are compatible with someone you may work with is vital to a healthy relationship. Understanding your clients and they understanding how you work sets the stage for success. This is my business. what are my hours of operation? How to I tour home? What is my listing techniques? How do I communicate? These are just some of the things that I have to explain to potential clients. The relationship needs to be reciprocal. What are their expectations? If I don’t ask, how will I ever meet them? Professionals  show poise and composure. They explain how the process will go and what they will encounter along the way. There used to be a commercial on TV for SYMs. They had a saying that sticks with me to this day and I apply it to my business. It said “A educated consumer is our best customer” In real estate, if we educate our clients and explain to them what is going to happen and how its going to go, we stand a better chance to meet the expectations of our clients. Sometimes agents feel if they do this then the consumer will no longer need us because we are giving away trade secrets. I think it’s the opposite.  I spend more time with potential clients at the beginning. By investing time with them explaining the process, I am setting them up for success. That’s how I work.


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