Digital Real Estate

2014 will probably be know as the tech year for real estate. Sure there has been computers and smart phones before this year, The difference is now what we will do with such devices to aid us in real estate. We email, text, fax, scan, voicemail. We still even send snail mail. So what will be different this year? We have seen many applications (apps) for our smart phones that have made our life a bit simpler. This  blog is not about what is out there to help us. So if you’re reading this to find out the latest tech gadgets, stop reading now. Real estate agents are constantly “buzzing” around to do tasks and find the next great tool to make their business stand out above the rest. Agents think that technology will replace face to face contact and streamline their business so that they don’t have interact with clients as much or at all. Its pretty sad actually. This great technolgy will eventually replace the need for a agent. Remember the “travel agent”? However I think that if we use technolgy and social media correctly, we can prove our worth to clients that we are a needed and necessary part of the process. Why you ask? Social media and tech advances have brought a different dimension to our business. The problem is that there is a lot of misinformation and untrue content on the internet. Did you ever hear the expression “If its on the internet, it has to be true”? Well, anyone can use to the internet to publish their thoughts or services. So it is our job as a licensed professional to weed through the tall grass and find out what is out to protect our clients interests. Our job is to educate and empower our clients to make the best possible decisions. Technology in not the panacea for real estate. Its there to assist us is used correctly. I hope 2014 is a great year.


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