Real Estate Tool Box

Every time you look, there is someone creating a new app or gadget that is suppose to make your job easier. I agree that its nice to have a variety of tools out there to give you options but do all of them really help? Do you have enough time in a day to make it part of your everyday routine? Isn’t that the really the issue? Figuring out what to use and what probative value it will have on your business is crucial to your success. Sure we can have every app and gadget out there. I think the better alternative is to create a “toolbox” of what you need to tailor to your client. You want to make the process as smooth as you can. 93% of clients don’t understand the process. If we pile on additional information that is not relevant, we risk of confusing our client even more. Our goal is to empower our clients to make good decisions. Lets not muddy the water thinking adding items that are not needed to provide value and worth in our business. Ask questions and also be a great listener so you understand exaclty what your clients expectations are. Dont overcomplicate it. Its complicated enough. 


2 thoughts on “Real Estate Tool Box

  1. Creating a “toolbox” will definitely help people. It is true that most of us just add an app because we think it will be beneficial but we just forget about it eventually.

    1. That’s just it. We do forget about it. Then we have a phone or tablet full of clutter which makes it harder to focus on what we use or need. Ask yourself the question… How will we use it in our business? Why will we use it? Will it make us more efficient or timely? If the answer is no, delete it and move on.

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