Did you hear the news? I’m a Realtor.

Funny as sounds, most people who are Realtors don’t tell everyone that they are in the business. I guess they figure that once your get your license, everyone will a text message or email stating this. The truth of the matter is that when you become a Realtor, you need to let friends and family know that you are in the business and hope they will use you.  Why would they use you? Whats your value proposition? Whats your elevator speech? How do you differ from any other realtor? Ask yourself these questions. If you have nothing to offer but saying “Hey, I’m a Realtor” then you may be wasting your time. When I got in the business, I was very excited to tell everyone that I was doing real estate. My problem was that I did not want to become pushy. I hate pushy people trying to sell things. I hate fake. I don’t want to hear the used car salesman speech. I had to realize that I provided a service and want to a help others that need real estate services. I want people to understand that I provide a value. At some point you have ask. This is how you live and earn a living. Whats the worst thing they can say… No?


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