Education… Is It The Best Tool You Can Use In Real Estate?

As a Realtor, we are faced with many challenges. Starting your business can be daunting, mentally, physically and financially. So making sure that we are strategic in what we do and how we do it is vital to our success. With the spring market at our doorstep, we are now starting to see consumers starting to call and email our offices for information on houses that may or may not be on the market. The question is how to convert phone calls or emails into clients? Our business is to help consumers with one of their largest financial purchases. We need to use what we know to help them make wise business decisions. Before we can do that, we must convert them to believe in us that we are their trusted source to help them do that. I recently was faced with a situation when a client emailed our office when I was on floor time. She was asking for more information on a particular property and was hoping to see it. It was 8pm when the email, came in. I didn’t  want to call the client too late out of courtesy. So I decided to email her and explain why I did not call. I told her that I have information on this property and asked her when was a good time to reach her. She responded to the email that she would be up to 10pm and I could call her. So I did. I introduce myself and asked her a series of probing questions to better get a fix on what she was looking for and why? One of the questions was if she was pre-qualified or pre-approved. She told me that she was but for some reason could not tell me from where. Seemed odd. I told her that she can get me that info later today. When I called on the property, it was under contract and no more showings were being done. I called the client and told her the news but we could still meet at my office where I could go over some paperwork and we could set up another search. I received another email from her later that day stating thanks but we are just looking and don’t wish to meet. I knew she was working and I couldn’t call her at that time. I called later that evening and got voicemail. Feeling slightly frustrated, I was talking to another agent regarding the event only to hear that her name was well known around the office. She was send email inquires and making phone calls to the office for the past two weeks. Now the big question that came up was why she was doing that and not working with just one agent? Did the previous agents ask if she was working with another agent? Did she say yes or no? You see, I ask these questions to my clients and make it imperative to come back to my office and explain the process and how I work. Its as important to me as doing the actual search for the “potential client” We get paid when the deal is signed buy all parties and they are cleared to close. Anything we do prior is pre-work for an eventual payday. I think a lot of agent do not educate their potential clients. They are so quick to go to work for them, they miss steps that are vital to a commission. There is copious amounts of real estate information out there. How much is accurate? There should be a homebuyers/real estate education course thats mandatory just to prepare your how and where to begin your search. Technology is great don’t get me wrong but, we have so much misinformation that it muddies the water and makes it difficult for us. Education is key when you helping your clients. Help them understand how to look as well as where to look. You will be glad you did.


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