Getting Ready To Get Ready

In any business, there is a lot to do. We find ourselves constantly striving for excellence and making sure that we are ready for anything that will arise. We make sure that we have the latest tools and the latest technology so we can be up to the minute. We spend a lot of time getting ready to get ready. Ready for what? I think we sometimes wait for the business to come to us rather then actually making us go to the business. Why do we do this? Are we afraid that we may fail? Is it the lack of direction or focus in your business? In real estate, there is a lot of things that we can do to keep ourselves busy and still be unproductive. Making sure that the pencils are sharpened and  keeping your desk neat is not being productive. Do you have clear goals at the start of the day so that you can prioritize and get done the important things? At the end of the day, do you feel that you have accomplished your goals? I guess what Im saying is that if we just sit and wait for business to come our way then will be never really reach our full business potential. Set out to make a connection or strengthen a relationship that you did not have previously. Make sure if you said that you were going to be a relational agent to your clients that you actually have a good relationship with them going forward and that they are top of mind when referring you to people in their circles. Do what matters most and not what is easy. Make sure that your closer to achieving your goal by breaking dow the barriers that prevent you form doing so. 


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Get Ready

  1. Thank you,through selfless sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences that will make our world a better place to live. Thank you and hope that you will enjoy what I posted and post. Thanks again!

  2. Believe the most important part u wrote up, have daily goals.

    That helps u focus rather than spinning your wheels w/non important tasks.

    When sales were pd nicely I was prob only agent who set daily goals. My commissions suck now so not motivated. Good write up

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