Overcoming Llife’s Obstacles

This subject is off the beaten path from real estate for a moment but I thought I would share anyways. Most people do’t have the opportunity to have more then one true friend in their lifetime. I am fortunate to have three. I have know all of them since about the age of 5 and have kept in touch since then. Each friend has a totally different personality and that works for me. One friend is very personable, one is very technical with light humor and one is quirky silly/serious. Two of my three friends love sports like I do and one not so much. He is the more intellectual and likes to talk about life and relationships and worlds problems. Its interesting that I get to cover a multitude of topics whenever I need to depending who I speak too. I would consider my self quite lucky. Recently though, two of my three friends are going through some difficult times and it really has brought light to my own life in regards to how I face adversity. One is have marital issues and one has had health issues that led to having to have one of his legs amputated below his knee. I couldn’t imagine that happening to me. How would I deal? Could I overcome it? Would I have a strong support staff? Would people look at me different? Now having marital issues and one having a leg amputated are two very different things. Both are difficult and both are life changing.  As I try to put things in perspective, I often grappled with the notion that both of these things could easily could happen to me. This led me to look back on what decisions I have made health wise and relationship wise. I looked at my present situation with my wife and came to the conclusion that I could be a better husband and a better father as well. Be a better communicator, team player and partner. I realized that I need to may the “little things” count like telling my wife that I love her for no reason or just become a better listener. Acknowledging her and telling her that I appreciate her is free and takes little to no effort. But speaks volumes and pays off in the long run. I know how I feel in my heart but never express it enough because I feel that she has to know it. Well maybe she doesn’t. Me and my wife are a team and I am glad to have her at my side. Together i feel that we can accomplish anything. As for my other friend who had his leg amputated, I have learned a great deal about facing adversity and making the most out of it. He has had many struggles in his life but has always found a way to make it work. He has made mistakes many times and learned from them. He blames no one for his health issues. He knows the mistakes he has made. He also believes that this is all part of a master plan and this is the chapter he is in and their is still a lot of reading left in his book. I like that. he refers to his life as a open book with many chapters. His story makes me think about this issues I have in my life and they seem trivial compared to his. So I guess the point I’m trying to make is that we can choose or not to choose to make it happen in our lives. We can choose to be better friends, lovers, leaders and make better choices if we want. The only thing that stands in our way is our own limiting beliefs. I know that I want to be a better person. Step by step, I can make subtle changes that will affect those around me. Its invigorating to re invent yourself. How do you want to be remembered?


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