Spring Selling Season is Here

In Western New York, the snow has finally melted and the warm air and sunshine is upon us. It’s springtime and its a great time to buy or sell a home. This is a very busy time for agents. Phones are ringing and consumers are starting to have serious discussions on what they should do in the housing market. In order for us to capture the moment, we need to make sure that we are taking steps to give us the best ROI. 

  1. OPEN HOUSES– For agents, this is the lifeblood of our business. Its a chance for us to get out in front of “interested” buyers and sellers and see what they want and need in the marketplace. This is also a great chance to get feedback on the property that we are holding open to communicate with the sellers of what may be a opportunity. Price, location, flow, age are just some of the things you will hear. Some things can be adjusted and some may not.
  2. Buyers or Sellers Seminars– People have questions about real estate. 93% of consumers use a agent because ether don’t understand the process. Seminars is also a great way to get out in front of “Interested” buyers and sellers so you can explain how the process will go and what you can expect.
  3. Social Media– This is sometimes a tricky proposition. It takes skill and persistence to get the point across and to hone your skills to get the kind of exposure that you will need. If you get a following, you may become a trusted source and this could possibly turn into leads. It won’t happen overnight and what your talking about must be of relevance in order to capture your audience.
  4. Print Advertising- A lot of people will tell you that print advertising is dying and will soon be obsolete. I think that there is still a place for it and if done correctly,could yield high results. The question is where and what kind of client are you trying to attract? Technology is out there but not everyone has adopted it. So there is still a niche market for those  who have not given in to it. This is also something that needs to be done consistently so it is not just done once. Print advertising is sometimes more expensive then social media. Do your homework.
  5. Talk to your Sphere of influence- Your current/past clients are a great way to get yourself back to top of mind in the real estate marketplace. Your hopefully their realtor for life and what better way to help them. becoming a resource. Be the conduit for all of their real estate needs. Explain to your clients how to refer you too. Explain to them how you want them to put you in touch is critical.

Someone once told me that “your office is where you work and (pointing outside) is where you do business.”

Get out there and make it happen.


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