How Do You Quantify Success?

In real estate, there are many agents out there. If you ask them how are they doing, they will likely give you two answers. The first answer is “great, I’m so busy!’ The other answer is…”Market is slow and there not really much going on”. I think that the measure of success is often determined  by others rather then the actual agent themselves. We tend to want to act successful and seem busy even when we have nothing going on. We feel that we have to keep up with the producers or be looked down at. Making excuses for why we are not doing well rather then going out there and just trying to make it happen. We may criticize other agents for what they do or how they act when sometimes we should actually be taking notes on the pros and cons of what they do. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Successful agents don’t worry about what others are doing. They worry about market conditions and what their clients needs are. They are leveraging relationships and staying in touch with other clients to furnish referrals. They have their name out there for people to see and no they they are there for them. They are picking up their phones and returning calls. They are great listeners. The are great communicators. They are good negotiators. They are always improving their skill set in down times. They are collaborative. They are always a step ahead. They travel to the uncomfortable and face their fears to conquer them. They are team players. They set goals. They prioritize. They react. They win. Thats what quantifies success in real estate. Don’t wait for opportunity to come along and make you successful. Create your own.


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