What’s your Value Proposition?

If you had 15-20 seconds to sell yourself, what would you say? What separates you from your competitors or fellow coleagues? Do you know? It’s a tough question to ask yourself but is a very important one. Most people go with the flow and hope it will work out. Odds are it won’t. How do you figure it out? Ask yourself these questions…

What are you trying to achieve?
How committed are you to reach your goal?
What is your most valuable asset?
What’s the main objective
Do you believe in what you saying?

Start with these questions and go from there. You will be surprised what you hear. Don’t tell people what they want to hear, tell them what you are all about. Remember that you have 8 to 15 seconds to articulate this and keep their attention. It also doesn’t have to be the catchiest or cutest. Keep it straight to the point with a few ounces of professionalism.

Mine is … “I try to fulfill the dream of home ownership and make it a reality and educate clients to make good decisions when selling one of their largest financial purchases.”

Make it your own…


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