Feedback…You Want Feedback??

I am often perplexed by the lack of professional courtesy these days in the real estate industry. I recently had someone who wanted to see my listing. I gathered the information and told them good luck and I would like some feedback. The agent said “no problem”. The appointment was at 9am in the morning. So later in the evening, I emailed the  agent looking for feedback. The agent replied that he will be putting together a offer in the morning. Great feedback to me. So the next day I wanted for the offer to come in. In the evening that day, I once again reached out the the agent and asked if a offer was going to come in. He quickly replied that the buyer changed their mind. No as disappointing as that was, what was more disheartening was the fact that the agent was never going to call, email or text me to let me know. I guess he felt that it wasn’t important enough. In my business, I pride my self on doing the right thing when no ones looking. I go to be each night knowing that I did what was orally, ethically and legally correct. We are all in this to achieve the same goal and when another agent diregards another agent it bothers me. If it doesn’t affect them, its not a big deal. Well i believe that it does. I believe in Karma. What goes around, comes around in my opinion. We should work collaboratively to achieve a common goal while do whats right for our client. We are compared to used car salesman because we do things that can be viewed as sleazy. The marketplace is crowded with agents wo are all try to make a living. If you cannot make time to fire off a two second text, you have got bigger problem then you think.  I also believe that some agents are reciprocal. What is done to them will in turn be given back. So the next time someone asks for feedback or you are granted a appoinment to see a property, do the right thing and commincate back to the listing agent. Its the right thing to do. 


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