When Being Good Just Isn’t Good Enough

When you are looking for Realtor, how do you find one that will meet your needs? Do you pick the first one you call? Do you open a newspaper and pick the biggest ad? Do you pick one that drives the nicest car or wears the best suit? There is certainly a lot to choose from. When faced with this decision, you need to have a wants and needs discussion with your self. What is the idea outcome for your Realtor? The obvious answer is to buy or sell a home. But their are many factors that need to be taken in consideration. Who, what, where, and why are questions to ask yourself when chossing.

Who-will be involved in the decison making process?
What is the most importnat attribute of your Realtor? Is it integrity? Is it communication? Is it flexibility? Is it negotiating? Or is it all of the above?
Where-What office do you want to work with? Do you care if its a large firm or small firm? 20 agents or 2000? Does it matter at all if the agent is great?
When-When do you want the process to start? When do you need it to be done by?
Why-Are you deciding to move at this point?

I bet a lot of clients don’t ak them selves questions like that. They pick up the phone and hire the first person to answer the phone. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Its only the largest financial purchase right?

I like to give my clients the opportunity to meet with me a dn sit down to discuss how the process will go before they sign anything. They is a lot to go over and I feel that its best to educate the consumer before we start the process. When they have a idea how things will go, they seem to not have as many objections or come to thir own conclusions.
If you decide to meet with me, i will give you piece of mind knowing that I’m here to empower you to make great decisions. Its not about the ego for me. Its about results.


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