The Path to Home Buying

Estate agent with smiling couple

This year has been a challenge for some of my clients. They have decided to buy real estate and are finding that it they are not qualifying for a mortgage. This is a common problem these days.  Many younger clients have college debt or a few larger credit cards that have precluded them from having a credit score that where the need it to be. The magic number is around 640. Many clients are very close which makes it even more frustrating. Some of my resources is to put them in touch with a mortgage consultant that will put them on a path to get their financials in order. Some are easy fixes and some will take time to show the bank that you are responsible enough to handle a loan. In the meantime of doing all that, I like to take the opportunity to sit down with them to discuss what the home buying landscape will be like when they are ready. It’s an eye opener for a lot of people. They really don’t know and that can sometimes be dangerous. You know what happens when we assume right? Giving perspective to clients is something I like to do. I believe that an educated consumer makes for a happy client. Buying and selling real estate is emotional enough without dealing with the unknown. I think it is a worthy investment of time and energy directed at positioning clients for success. Some Realtors don’t take the time to sit down because they are too busy trying to just make a sale. They are transactional. I want to be relational.  The more you know will give you the advantage in the long run. So when you are ready to discuss your options or just want to know more about real estate, give me a call. You will be glad you did.


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