Knowing the First Step for the New Year

2015 is upon us and now its time to hit the ground running. Out with the old and in with the new. This year will be a great year in real estate. It’s always a great time to buy or sell if you have the right Realtor to make it happen. A lot of people don’t know where to start. 93% to be exact. Not knowing the first step could make all of the difference in the world in real estate. Potential clients call me all the time and want to go out and see a bunch of houses before they know their buying power or affordability. My first bit of advise is to put them in touch with a mortgage consultant to review their financials and see where they stand. After they have their pre-qualification or pre-approval, we can sit down to do a needs assessment and educate them on what the process will look like. I believe that educating clients in the marketplace is key to have a smooth transaction. Buyers tend to have a clearer understanding and tend not to be as emotional when searching for the right home after my consultation with them. I invest a lot of time with client in the beginning. Running out the door first never ends well. This is not a process of selection, but a process of elimination. We may start out with a broad spectrum of homes and after intense conversation and a needs assessment, this pool of homes start to become more finite. Listening is a skill that I feel Realtors need to embrace more. There is copious amounts of information that needs to be articulated in such a way to help the client understand. None of which is important if we don’t listen to our clients first. Hearing what they are saying and “not” saying helps us understand the image that they have in their head about their ideal home. We know how emotional it can get, we as Realtors needs to calm our clients and give them clear direction on what will happen every step of the way. I like to ask my clients open-ended questions that will spark conversation that may help me uncover the ideal property. Communication is key through the process. If clients feel that they are left in the dark during the transaction, they may start to think that there is something wrong when there is not. We do not want our clients to hallucinate during this time. I like to create a communication plan that keeps them in the loop at all times. I even call my clients at time to tell them that all is well and there is noting to report. That keeps everyone on point. My job is to help my clients make informed decisions. There used to be a off-price retail clothing store named Syms. There was a slogan they used that has stuck to me over the years and I used in my business. It was “An educated consumer is our best customer” I truly believe in that and feel that laying out all the cards on the table for your clients is great start. The more they know, the better they can handle it. Some Realtors believe that if clients understand what we do, they will no longer use us. I think it’s quite the opposite. Become the resource, not the reason. If you’re the resource, people will use you for what you can offer them. If you’re the reason, they will become dependent on you for things that will eventually consume you. Menial tasks and countless damage control sessions to keep your clients calm when there is nothing wrong. You want a client to choose you because they want to, not because they need you. Theres a big difference. I hope you also take time to talk to a few realtors and see what you are getting. Most clients just pick up the phone and work with the first agent that answers. Ask the agent “why should I work with you?” If they don’t have a value proposition, you may want to find one who does. so in closing, If your interested in learning more about real estate or just have a few questions, give me a call and I would be glad to help you. If I cannot help you, I will do my very best to put you in touch with you who can. Check out my website at



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