Separating Yourself From The Competition In Real Estate.

Realtors have a lot  of competition in the marketplace. Many agents basically doing the same thing at the same time. How does one separate them self to stand out? I think it’s a question of the value that perceived by your clients and how you conduct yourself when you’re not doing real estate as well. It’s a face paced business that can change at a drop of a dime and many agents get frustrated and lose some of their swagger when things get crazy. Here are some of the things that I like to do in my business and keep me ahead of the curve…

  • Time Management – How you plan your day is crucial to your success. Running from appointment to appointment makes for a busy day. The question is that if it is a productive day? Prioritize what is important.
  • Be a great Communicator-Keep your clients in the loop.  I like to make sure that I set up a communication plan with clients and let them know when things are happening and when they are not. Sometimes calling them to say that nothing is going on is more important. This keeps clients from getting nervous when theres no reason too.
  • Educate clients on the process-93% of consumers use an agent because  they don’t understand the process. Investing time with clients and letting them know the who,what,where ,when, and why will help alleviate some of the concerns down the road. I like to educate my clients to make good decisions.
  • Explain how you work-I am a licensed professional. I need to act like one when dealing with clients. Explaining how I work and when I work up front lets clients know what to expect. Explain if you call and get voicemail, when your turn around time is. Give them your hours of operation. There is an unreasonable sense of urgency sometimes where clients think that you are waiting by your phone and can drop everything when they call. Explain to them what you do when you have other clients. I devote my attention to my clients that I am with and do not take calls during that time.
  • Be a Great Listener-As a Realtor, we have a lot to say. With that being said, We have to listen to what our clients are telling us. Sometimes it’s not what they say is whats most important. I like to ask my clients questions that create conversation and create a collaborative environment. Repeat back what they told you so you got it correct.
  • Take Great Notes-Its all in the details. Take great notes so you can refer back.
  • Set the Expectation-I ask my clients what is their ideal outcome of this meeting today? Know what they want and when they want it to be accomplished. Set realistic timelines.

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