So You Want to Buy A House

As a agent, my job is to educate my clients and help them make good decisions. Whenever I meet them, whether it be in an open house or through a referral, the first thing i would like to do is sit down with a client to explain the process. Usiually when I meet a client, they have a few things figured out…

  • They have started their search online.
  • They know where they want to live
  • They know what style of home they would like.
  • They know the square footage they want
  • They know the school they want their kids to go.

What they don’t know is… How Much Can You Afford?

It’s great to see clients do their due diligence in knowing what they want. The problem with that is the fact that without knowing your buying power, you usually are setting yourself up for disappointment. The house you want sometimes is not the house you can afford. once you know that you can realistically search for a house. The other issue is getting the image of the houses you liked out of your head that you cannot afford. That’s not so easy and leads to you not finding a house in your price range.

You also may come to the conclusion that it may not be the right time to buy until you have saved enough money to get a better property. Its better to come to that conclusion now rather than later.

The first thing I will do when we meet or sit down is ask you if you have talked to a mortgage consultant about your buying power. I will help you get that set up so that we can get started finding you the home you desire. When your ready, contact me and I would be glad to help you get started on the path to homeownership. You can contact me at If you have any questions. I would be glad to help.


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