Winter Weather Bring Challenges for Real Estate

Cold weather is here. Snow, wind, and ice are constant reminders that winter is here. For those who have decided to put their home on the market, there are a few challenges that a seller will face with winter weather. Here are some things sellers can do to make sure that selling your home is a success…

  1. Safety– With snow and ice come slip hazards. Make sure that driveways and walkways are shoveled and salted. Make sure that doorways and foyers have rugs
  2. Accessibility – When snow accumulates, make sure that driveways and side walkways to backyards are also shoveled so buyers can see all parts of the property.
  3. maintenance winter weather will find its way into your home on a showing. Make sure that rugs and runners are plentiful. put up a sign on the door or in the entryway to please remove shoes. You can also provide shoe”bootys” if they don’t take their shoes off just in case.
  4. Showcase the winter features – Its cold and its that time of the season to make sure that the home is warm and inviting. It you are going to air fresheners, make sure that they are seasonal to sell the holiday feel. tastefully decorate. Don’t overdo it. They are there to see the homes features, not the decor.
  5. Showing times With the holidays come parties and family functions. There will times that will not be good for last-minute showings, if that’s the case, communicate early and often to your agent. And if possible, have it at another family members this year. You will be glad you did.

If you want other ideas or strategies on how to sell your home in winter, give me call or email and I would be glad to help. call me at 716-380-0069 or email me at

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